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News Archive 2008 - 1999

November 2007

WPC 2006 Scholarship Report (PDF: 24K / 16 pages)

    - Scholarship Objective
    - Study Visit Background
    - Danish Mainstream Education
    - Vocational Education and Training in Denmark
    - Curriculum Development
    - Technical Education Copenhagen
    - Industry Group Meetings
    - Danish environmental innovations
    - Cultural experience

September 2007

 WPC Representative to Work with WHO (PDF: 44K / 2 pages)

June 2004

International SARS Symposium DVD (PDF: 40K / 1page)

May 2003

World Plumbing Council Announces Trainer-Lecturer Scholarship (PDF: 20K / 2 pages)

    - An annual $5000 (U.S.) grant
    - Deadline to Enter - July 31, 2003
    - Scholarship program
    - "First and foremost the scholarship will provide an opportunity for trainers and lecturers to see firsthand how plumbing training is organized in other countries. It will also provide an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the industry's future direction from a global perspective," says Stuart Henry, chairman of the World Plumbing Council.

December 2001

Report on meeting with World Health Organisation regarding guidelines on health aspects of plumbing (GoHAP) (PDF: 137K / 3 pages)

    - Comprehensive framework for a broad discussion of good plumbing practices to safeguard health worldwide.
    - "Health Aspects of Plumbing"

August 2001

WPC Annual Meeting in China Thursday 27 September (PDF: 16.8K / 1 page)

    - Hotel Details and Rates
    - Tours

 The WPC 2001 Annual Meeting will be held at the Kunlun Hotel No. 2 Xinyuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China on Thursday 27 September commencing at 9am (PDF: 21.3K / 2 pages)

    - Agenda
    - Minutes of previous meeting
    - Matters arising
    - WPC legal status and Byelaws
    - WPC Future Directions
    - WPC Future Directions

July 2001

Call For Papers, 6th World Plumbing Conference, 22 - 25 May 2002, Berlin (PDF: 57.1K / 8 pages)

    - The World Plumbing Conference, which is staged every three years, is the most important event of the world-wide active and internationally recognised World Plumbing Council (WPC). The 6 th World Plumbing Conference will be held in Berlin from 22 to 25 May 2002. The Conference 2002 aims to bring together the know-how of its members and the experience of all experts associated with WPC on all continents.
    - Water – Heat – Air in connection with Smart House Technology.
    - Potable water is the world’s most important food item. There is no live without water.
    - Potable water refers, apart from water for processing food – also to water used for personal hygiene and washing as well as for cleaning objects in contact with food items.
      Safeguarding our climate is one of the greatest challenges as part of a responsible and preventive approach and requires national as well as international action. The Kyoto report consequently specified the reduction of the emission of gasses affecting the climate (CO2) as an urgent task.

 6th World Plumbing Conference 2002 - Preliminary Programme (PDF: 23.2K / 4 pages)

    - Wednesday, 22.05.2002 - Official Opening
    - Thursday, 23.05.2002 - Theme: "Water"
    - Friday, 24.05.2002 - Theme: "Heating and Air"
    - Saturday, 25.05.2002 - Final sessions and close

June 2001

Revised Programme - 2001 WPC Annual Meeting Beijing, China. 18 June 2001 (PDF: 19.8K / 2 pages)

    - Further to the circular dated 12 April 2001, please find a revised programme for the above. At the Executive Board meeting in Berlin it was agreed that as there is a China National Day on Monday 1 October, the programme would be moved forward by a day so that delegates, if they wish, can leave on Friday 28 September.
    - Revised Programme.
    - All tours can be booked and paid for direct with the Tour Desk within the Kunlun Hotel. When you make any bookings please mention that you are part of the World Plumbing Council Booking

 Minutes of meetings of the World Plumbing Council Executive Board at the Dorint Hotel am Gendarmenmarkt, Charlottenstr. 50-52, 10117 Berlin on Sunday 6 May at 3pm and Monday 7 May at 9.30am (PDF: 43.6K / 8 pages)

    - Minutes of previous meeting
    - Matters arising
    - WPC legal status and byelaws
    - WPC future directions
    - Logo Licensing Policy And Trademark Registration
    - links with other organisations
    - Financial matters
    - Membership
    - Future events
    - Any other business

 April 2001

2001 WPC Annual Meeting Beijing, China. Accommodation arrangements, provisional programme and expression of interest in attending. 12 April 2001 (PDF: 82.2K / 3 pages)

    - This year’s WPC Annual Meeting will be held in Beijing, China and hosted by the China Association of Engineering Construction and Standardisation (CECS) with administrative support from Mr Jin Luo, Director of Asia Pacific Programs, IAPMO.
    - Hotel Details and Rates.

February 2001

WPC Circular, To WPC Member Organisations, 12 Febuary 2001 (PDF: 58.6K / 5 pages)

    - Spring 2001 Meetings of WPC Executive Board, Berlin, Germany, 6-7 May 2001
    - Optional pre-meeting visit to Bonn for Executive Board members and spouses only Arrangements and bookings
    - "I think you will agree that ZVSHK are being exceptionally generous in hosting most of the programme of this pre-World Plumbing Conference visit to Germany."

December 2000

WPC Circular, Memeber Organisations, 14 December 2000 (PDF: 34.7K / 2 pages)

    - WPC Legal Status
    - Nomination to Executive Board
    - Logo Use and Licensing Policy
    - 2001 Annual Meeting, Beijing, China.

 WPC Minutes of the 2000 Annual Meeting held in New Zealand November 2000 (PDF: 60.9K / 6 pages)

    - Member Organisation Delegates
    - Chairman’s Welcome
    - Address By Wally Weavers
    - WPC Future Directions
    - WPC Legal Status And Byelaws
    - Logo Licensing Policy And Trademark Registration
    - Links With WHO and CIB
    - Financial Matters
    - Membership
    - Presentations To Ian Fraser And Max Park
    - Future Events

September 2000

WPC 2000 Annual Meeting (PDF: 40K / 2 pages)

Explanatory Memorandum (PDF: 48K / 2 pages)

Draft Bylaws (PDF 52K / 7 pages)

June 2000

2000 WPC Annual Meeting (PDF: 40K / 1 page)

March 2000

Important Circular to all WPC Member Organisations (PDF: 48K / 2 pages)

December 1999

Topical Issues for First Worshipful Company Lecture of New Century (PDF: 52K / 2 pages)

October 1999

5th World Plumbing Conference, at Sun City, Northern Province SA 15-17 Sept. 1999 (PDF: 52K / 2 pages)

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