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World Plumbing Conference 2013 in Incredible India

Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) is all set to play the role of a perfect host to 10th World Plumbing Conference, scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 14 and 15 November 2013. IPA is expecting delegates from several countries to attend this prestigious global convention. The Conference will provide a platform to understand and evaluate the vast possibilities this country of 1.2 billion people can offer. Indian plumbing fraternity is looking forward to meet, interact and network with their global counterparts, through this event.

Environment, Health and Hygiene are the major concerns of all developing and underdeveloped countries, large or small. Among these, India is fast catching up with the developed countries in economic progress but in the areas of Environment, Health and Hygiene, India has a lot of catching-up still to do.

WHO estimates that 80 per cent of sicknesses in the world are attributable to waterborne diseases, which are preventable. Many other diseases are spread through poor hygienic practices. By improving sanitation and environmental conditions by conducting educational programmes and by creating awareness, healthcare bills can be substantially reduced.

Environment, water and sanitation on their own, do not result in improved health; but the correct utilisation of them does. Clean environment, safe drinking water and better sanitation practices are critical components of a comprehensive healthcare programme. An environment that enables and supports good hygiene should be ensured and promoted at all levels.

IPA expects that highlighting Environment, Health, Hygiene as the theme of the Conference will also give a boost to safe plumbing practices in the country. It will help in creating awareness about the co-relation of better plumbing practices with health and hygiene of the citizens. The conference is also expected to assist in spreading the message about energy efficiency and water management/conservation through improved plumbing installations.

IPA hopes that the international participants of the Conference will share their experiences in all aspects of Environment, Health and Hygiene in their countries, to encourage upgradation of prevailing practices in India where needed.

IPA has conceived a very creative and thoughtful logo for this event. The letters ‘WPC’ have been calligraphically rendered, giving it a feeling of freedom, symbolising a new world and a joyous life. The imaginative integration of vivid colours are chosen carefully as an uninterrupted symphony: Salmon Pink for Health, Sunflower Yellow for Hygiene and Crystal Blue for Environment!

India is best described as Incredible India and this Conference is sure to become a ‘business with pleasure’ for the delegates. The climate during the month of November will be pleasant, making this trip to India enjoyable for the international delegates.

IPA and its Event Partner - Akar InfoMedia Pvt. Ltd (AIM) - have worked out various pre and post conference tours and cultural programmes for the delegates and spouses. WPC 2013 is sure to become a memorable lifetime experience for the delegates. Please visit the website:  for more information on the Conference Programme, pleasure trips, about New Delhi and, of course, the Incredible India!
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