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World Plumbing Council


Develop and promote the image and professional standards of plumbing to the world.

To encourage, participate in and facilitate the exchange of information, research and technology applicable to the world plumbing industry.

Promote plumbing education and training worldwide.

Promote the plumbing industry’s role in improving public health through the provision and protection of safe water and sanitation.

Promote the Plumbing Industry’s role in safeguarding the environment through proper management, care, reuse, and conservation of natural resources.

To meet at a World Plumbing Conference at least every three (3) years.

To increase membership of and participation in the World Plumbing Council.

Enhance the status and influence of the World Plumbing Council.

Ensure adequate resources to achieve the objectives of the World Plumbing Council.



Strategic Plan 2011 - 2013 (10 pages)   


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