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WPC Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award

2011 -  Andy Watts
  2008 - Bob Kreutzer
  2005 - Geoffrey Marsh

The World Plumbing Council (WPC) Executive Board has established the WPC Distinguished Service Award to recognize the efforts of an individual or organization that has contributed to the mission of the World Plumbing Council.

Nominations shall be forwarded to the office of the secretary:


DSA Award Criteria

The following Award Criteria will be utilized when considering nominee(s) for the WPC Distinguished Service Award:

Article 1

Only a member organisation of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) may nominate an individual or organization, whether a WPC member or not, for “The WPC Distinguished Service Award.”

a. All nominations shall be submitted to the WPC World Headquarters, or the Office of the Secretary, between January 1 and March 30 of any year. The award need not be presented annually, but rather only when a deserving candidate is nominated.
b. If there is no qualifying candidate for the award, it will not be presented that year.

Article 2

The WPC Executive Board will vote upon each nomination at a WPC Executive Board Meeting. A 75% majority is required to bestow the award upon the nominee.

Article 3

In order for a nominee to receive the award, not less than 75% of the WPC Executive Board shall determine that said nominee possesses not less than four of the six criteria set forth below:

a. Longstanding promotion of the profession, art and science of plumbing.
b. Continuously strive for both the advancement and adoption of uniform plumbing codes and standards within his or her nation and/or throughout the world.
c. Champion of legislation improving existing plumbing laws and regulations in order to improve the health and welfare of communities throughout the world.
d. Lifelong promotion of goodwill within the plumbing industry.
e. Responsible for the education of the public and industry in the value and need for approved plumbing standards: Improved the stature of the plumbing industry throughout society.
f. Responsible for fostering cooperation between plumbers, mechanical contractors, government officials, builders and contractors involved in the installation, operation and maintenance of plumbing and mechanical equipment.

Article 4

A master plaque will be established and maintained at WPC World Headquarters or at the Office of the Secretary containing the names of all recipients of the WPC Distinguished Service Award.
Each recipient of the award will receive a plaque in commemoration of said award.

Article 5

The award will be presented to the recipient at an annual WPC meeting or at the WPC Triennial Conference.

Distinguished Service Award Application Form (PDF: 18K / 1 page)

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