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The WPC has been recognized as a Non-Governmental Organisation in relations with the World Health Organisation and is working closely with WHO on a variety of projects.

WHO and WPC jointly published “Health Aspects of Plumbing” on World Water Day, 2006 and this document is being widely used to demonstrate the important role which good plumbing can play in securing good health.

Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade fair organizers and exhibition venue owners. Messe Frankfurt supports exhibitors by opening up international markets for their products, offering their clients a presence in more than 150 countries. Messe Frankfurt makes markets, worldwide.

The World Plumbing Council has recognized Messe Frankfurt as its special industry partner supporting ISH Fairs and Exhibitions in Frankfurt, North America, Argentina, Russia, UAE and China.

WorlsSkills International is a not for profit membership association open to organizations which have a responsibility for promoting vocational education and training in their respective countries. It provides a unique means of exchange and comparison of world-class competency standards in the industrial trades and service sector of the global economy.

Traditional trade and craft skills along with the newer technology multi-skilled vocations make an essential contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of people everywhere.
The World Plumbing Council has a Memorandum of Understanding with WorldSkills International to; share information, knowledge and networks; co-operate in the establishment of vocational standards; and to consider joint projects in promoting vocational training.


The World Green Building Council is a coalition of national Green Building Councils, making it the largest international organization influencing the green building marketplace. With a Mission to facilitate the global transformation of the building industry towards sustainability through market driven mechanisms.

The World Plumbing Council and the WorldGBC share a mutual recognition of environmental issues and concerns relating to water use and sanitation, with due regard for public health, welfare and safety in the built environment.

CIB W062 – CIB is the acronym of the abbreviated French (former) name; Conseil International du Bâtimen, the full name has since been changed to the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction. W062 is one of more than 50 CIB Commissions covering all fields in building and construction industry research and innovation.

W062s scope includes water supply systems and drinking water quality inside buildings, water drainage(waste & rainwater) systems in buildings and individual waste water treatment.

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