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WPC Education and Training Scholarship

Recipients of the WPC Education and Training Scholarship

2012 - Peter Miles, Sydney, Australia

2011 - Chintan Daiya, Mumbai, India

2010 - Robert Goodchild, Maylands, Western Australia

2008 - Benny Wielandt, Denmark

2007 - Subhash Deshpande, Pune, India

2006 - Geoff Moor, New South Wales, Australia

2005 - Phil Campbell, Las Vegas, USA

2004 - Arnold Iru, Solomon Islands

2003 - John Smartt, Ireland


The World Plumbing Council is pleased to invite applications for its Education and Training Scholarship. The Scholarship (which has been renamed after a review) is available to anyone involved in plumbing industry education and training. The award for 2013, which is worth a maximum of US$10,000, will enable the successful applicant to travel to another country to investigate aspects of industry education and training.

Download the Scholarship Application Package

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