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Case Studies on the Environmental Aspects of Plumbing

The Environmental Aspects of Plumbing is a living document including case studies from around the world on any of the many topics covered by the original paper.

If you wish to submit a case study for future publication, please see the instructions in the original paper.

Dry Drains by Ron George

Fire Safe and Water Wise Plumbing Industry Commission

Civic Responsibilities Towards Sanitation in India by Sudhakaran Nair

Tajikistan Water Safety Report (Rudaki Central District Hospital ) by Richard J. Prospal

Tajikistan Revisited (Rudaki Central District Hospital Progress Report) - June 2012 by Richard J. Prospal

Stopping Loss, Saving Funds by Dan Rafter

The Sustainable Landscape - Permeable Pavement, Rain Gardens, Bio-Swales and Bio-Retention by Craig Cawrse, FASLA

Ball State University’s Geothermal System by Candace Roulo

Conserving Water - Reflections on India’s Increasing Apathy by G Venkatesh

Hospital Backflow Prevention by Edward J. Lyczko

Beginning of the End by Sunil Kumar Duggal

Drainwave - Dry Drains, Pulse Drainline Flushing and Grey Water Harvesting by Richard Atkins

Waterless Urinals for Environmental and Economic Benefits by Ajit Seshadri

Disclaimer - The views and opinions expressed in each case study is that of the author(s) and not necessarily that of the World Plumbing Council. The World Plumbing Council does not endorse or promote any product or service mentioned in any of the case studies.

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