WPD Activities 2023


WPC members from around the world shared how they celebrated World Plumbing Day in 2023.

If you would like to add your celebration, please email secretariat@worldplumbing.org.


Submitted by the Professional Federation of Moroccan Plumbers

Pictures from World Plumbing Day celebrations hosted by the Professional Federation of Moroccan Plumbers.


Association of Plumbing Professionals of Burkina Faso World Plumbing Day Celebrations

Submitted by Association of Plumbing Professionals of Burkina Faso (APP-BF)

The 13th edition of the World Plumbing Day (WPD) was celebrated throughout the country under the theme “The Role and Commitment of the Plumber to Health and the Humanitarian Crisis.

The day was marked by the following activities:

Visit of the training centers

The visit to the training centers allowed APP-BF to exchange with the new plumbing students the trade and the sanitary issues related to the washes as well as the capital role of the plumber for a better promotion of the WASH sector.

This visit was widely appreciated by the new plumbers who affirmed to having better understood their role and responsibility after the exchanges and committed themselves to promoting their noble profession and the WASH sector.


Picture of the visit, from left to right: the national president Mr Sawadogo Abdoul Matinou, Florence Fadia Ouedraogo a member and plumbing champion selected, Mr Bamogo Gregoire (member) and Mr Ouali Tahirou, the teacher.


Framework for exchange and capacity building

The skill building event was marked by exchanges and practice on specific topics in the field of plumbing, allowing professionals to have more theoretical and practical skills especially on the topics of the plumbing code, ethics and professional plumbing. There was also discussion on the implementation of the two major programs of the APP-BF, namely the League of Professional Plumbers of Burkina Faso (LPPBF) and the Burkinabe Conference of Plumbing (BCP). Note that this meeting is the first of its kind in Burkina Faso and was a great success with the full satisfaction of stakeholders.

Participation in graduation ceremonies for a class trained in plumbing

The APP-BF was also invited to the official ceremony of handing over certificates and plumbing kits to young people trained by a program. This participation allowed us to understand the commitment of young people, especially students in the noble trade. Seeing that students are interested in this noble trade leads us to redouble our efforts of our mission of valorization of this trade in Burkina Faso in order to facilitate the orientation and the socio-professional insertion of the new elites of the trade.

Picture of the students with the national president (middle)

Realization of sanitation facility works for the benefit of a prison in the central western region

The Central West Regional Office of the APP-BF was willing to commemorate this 13th edition of World Plumbing Day with concrete and sanitary actions. The regional president and his office have carried out sanitation work for the benefit of the region’s prison. Despite the financial difficulties that the organization is facing, members of the regional office have sacrificed to meet their commitments. Under the leadership of the regional president with the support of people of good will, the activities consisted in:

– The realization of a hand washing, dishwashing and laundry facility;

– The rehabilitation of toilets;

– The realization of a large pit outside to collect the overflow of the pits;

– The tiling of the cell surface.

The national president went with a delegation from the national office to support and express their appreciation for the efforts made by the regional office. The work was received to the great pleasure of all participants.

The national delegation: Mr. Sebgo Marcel, secretary of communication and information (left) , Ouattara Yacouba, vice secretary of communication and information and the national president(right).

Visit to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps

The visit to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and a military camp is part of the call for support launched by the national president. A delegation of the national office headed by the president made this visit whose objective is to provide sanitary support through plumbing techniques to people living in these camps. This visit allowed us to really see the sanitary difficulties that this camp is facing. A date will be chosen for the intervention of the APP-BF to correct, to the limit of its means, the difficulties identified.

In spite of the sanitary and economic situation that our dear country is going through, the APP-BF was willing to mark the 13th World Plumbing Day. The actions carried out had a real positive impact for the beneficiaries in particular and the nation in general.

The APP-BF continues to take actions for the promotion of the trade and the WASH sector in order to contribute to the well-being of the nation. To do so, it launched at the end of April its great project called “Great awareness campaign on water, hygiene and rational management of drinking water”. In this context, the APP-BF, aware of its financial difficulties but dedicated to the achievement of its objectives, is calling for support from people of good will to ensure the success of its efforts.


World Plumbing Day Community Outreach Project

Submitted by Plumbers association of Zambia (PAZA)

The Plumbers Aassociation of Zambia (PAZA) commemorated World Plumbing Day by sending a team of inspectors to a community in Lusaka east called  Kalikiliki Compound. They visited the Kalikiliki Community Water Trust management to discuss the importance of supplying safe water and providing quality services to the people. Following the discussion with management, the team inspected the draw-off points (KIOSKS) were it was discovered that the sanitation in the area was not conducive for the people, as there was no shelters or taps and no proper security.

Environmental Health PAZA Inspector Ms Samboko Mutinta, who is also the nurse and a plumber by profession, advised the Water Trust Manager to find ways of avoiding stagnant water at draw-off points, as this could lead to  water bone diseases like cholera and diarrhea.

In addition, inspector Mr. Kamo Mwendapole said the area is not safe for the people. Accidents may occur if extra care is not taken seriously. The PAZA team advised Mr. Nirenda, the Kalikiliki Community Water Trust Manager, to take keen interest in protecting the people in the community by providing good water supply and sanitation.

The manager complained about the behaviour of people in the local community for dumping garbage near the water draw-off points, especially in the stagnant water. Mr. Nyirenda  asked for assistance from PAZA. He said leaking pipes is also one of the major problems in the water network where leaking water always mixed with stagnant (dirty) water. The team advised  management to construct soak-aways and good drainage to allow the soaking the ground, and to rectify the leakage problem by replacing or repairing broken pipes.

Plumbers Association of Zambia Executive Director and Secretary General Mr. Joseph Banda directed the water trust manager not to use unqualified or unlicensed plumbers to do the sensitive plumbing works.

Mr. Banda promised the manager that PAZA is ready to train the people of the Kalikiliki area on how to take care and use the water facilities properly and stop vandalism. PAZA will continue providing quality training and help provide good shelter and security for Water Kiosks in the community, and change or replace broken taps and pipes.

Alexander – instructor during Domestic Plumbing training

Kalikiliki Water Kiosk

PAZA Team Of Inspectors -Inspecting water system in Kalikiliki compound

Participants during modern plumbing training with LIXIL COBRA


Lehry Valves Celebrations

Submitted by Lehry Instrumentation & Valves Pvt Ltd

World Plumbing Day Celebrated was celebrated at Lehry Valves Platinum Rated Factory, which manufactures all non ferrous valves in Chennai, India. Pictured is Mr. Hussain Lehry, Director – Prodcut Development talking to the employees about the significance of the day.







Mongolian Plumbers Development Association World Plumbing Day Celebrations

Submitted by the Mongolian Plumbers Development Association

On World Plumbing Day, the Mongolian Plumbers Development Association conducted the following events:

We started our initiatives to spread awareness of “World Plumbing Day” among the public and plumbing-related businesses. Two different posters were made in an effort to celebrate World Plumbing Day. On the poster congratulating the celebration, the logos of the “World Plumbing Council” and “Mongolian Plumbers Development Association” were displayed.

In a television interview, President Mr. Gantulga Gankhurel praised all Mongolian plumbers and mentioned World Plumbing Day.

Executive director Ms. Purevsuren Khishigsuren interviewed for various websites and provided information about their activities for 2023. htp://www.bolod.mn/News/244568.html

The included television shows for representation of the Plumbing and interviewed on World Plumbing Day and career.

The activities of the “Plumbing is an outstanding profession” project, which will be implemented by our organization in 2023, officially started on World Plumbing Day.

Note: Mr. GANTULGA Gankhurel, Ms. PUREVSUREN Khishigsuren

We are planning to launch a media channel and social media page to inform our Mongolian plumbers about the activities and services organized by the World Plumbing Council.

Celebrations of World Plumbing Day by Water Management & Plumbing Skill Council

Submitted by Water Management & Plumbing Skill Council

World Plumbing Day was celebrated in a big way in the Skills ecosystem across the country. WMPSC organised several activities such as RPLs, Certification Ceremonies, Walkathon, Nukkad Natak, Poster Making Competitions, etc. These activities were coordinated by WMPSC and wereg conducted through their training partners.

WMPSC also conducted an online Jal Rakshak Campaign for citizens to raise awareness about the importance of plumbing in protecting the health of the Nation.


World Plumbing Day Celebrated at PICAC campuses in Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland

Submitted by The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC)

World Plumbing Day is a globally celebrated annual event held on March 11th to raise awareness about the crucial role of plumbing and sanitation systems in safeguarding our health, communities and environment.

In honour of World Plumbing Day 2023, PICAC organised a range of events at our campuses in Victoria, NSW and QLD to commemorate the significance of plumbing and the work of licensed plumbers.

World Plumbing Day – Women in Plumbing Morning Tea at PICAC Brunswick

PICAC Brunswick held a morning tea to celebrate Women in Plumbing in honour of World Plumbing Day. The event featured inspiring guest speakers who shared their stories and knowledge of all things plumbing.

One of the highlights of the event was a panel discussion featuring Jackie Sims-Coutts, a licensed plumber, and Amy Kosterman, a licensed sprinkler-fitter, who discussed their personal experiences in the plumbing and fire protection industries. They emphasised the importance of breaking down barriers for women entering the industry and highlighted the long-lasting and fulfilling career opportunities available in plumbing and fire protection.

To wrap up the World Plumbing Day morning tea, Reece presented five female apprentices who are embarking on their plumbing journey with comprehensive toolkits. This will help ensure that they have the necessary tools and equipment to start their apprenticeships successfully.

PICAC would like to thank event partners Women Onsite, PPTEU VIC, RAW GTO and PICAC World Plumbing Day supporters Incolink and Reece.

2023 World Plumbing Day Apprentice Skills Contest

At our Brunswick Campus, PICAC hosted the annual World Plumbing Day Apprentice Skills Contest which brought together 6 plumbing and 5 sprinkler fitting apprentices from Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. The competition kicked off bright and early on World Plumbing Day, and it was a fiercely fought contest to the very end. We would like to extend a big thank you to all who competed and congratulations to the finalists in both competitions.


Plumbing competition:

3rd place: Jack Keogh – Axis Plumbing (QLD)

2nd place: Jordan Tait – NSG Plumbing (VIC)

WINNER: Justin Jongsma – Shinners Plumbing (VIC)

Sprinkler Fitting competition:

3rd place: Jack Dillaway – ARA Fire (QLD)

Tyson Heathcote – Fireline Fire Protection (VIC)

WINNER: Daniel Roberts – SRD Fire Protection (VIC)

World Plumbing Day – New South Wales

PICAC’s Glenwood campus in New South Wales commemorated World Plumbing Day by hosting a luncheon that celebrated the crucial role played by licensed plumbers and sprinkler fitters. More than 90 industry participants, apprentices, and notable guests, including then NSW Leader of the Opposition, Chris Minns MP, were in attendance.

During his visit to PICAC, Chris Minns pledged $25 million towards the establishment of a Hydrogen Centre of Excellence at PICAC Glenwood. This announcement marks a significant milestone for the plumbing industry in the state, highlighting the importance of investing in this field to create sustainable job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

PICAC Glenwood also hosted a plumbing and sprinkler fitting skills competition for apprentices. PICAC congratulates Cayden Herps, a plumbing apprentice from Doolan Plumbing, and Matthew Cincotta, a sprinkler fitting apprentice from Precision Fire Protection, for taking home the top prize in each event.

World Plumbing Day – Queensland

PICAC’s state-of-the-art campus in Beenleigh, Queensland hosted a special luncheon to celebrate World Plumbing Day. The event saw an impressive turnout of over 110 attendees, including apprentices, staff and industry members. The participants were treated to a variety of activities and engaging speeches that highlighted the vital role plumbing plays in our society.

The keynote speeches were delivered by the Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union Queensland and the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. The speakers highlighted the rewarding and diverse career pathways that exist within the plumbing and fire protection industries and highlighted the vital role plumbing plays in the health, safety and sustainability of our communities.

The World Plumbing Day lunch was sponsored by Caroma, and PICAC would like to express its gratitude for their generous support. The event provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest innovations and technologies in the plumbing industry and promote the importance of ongoing education and training for plumbers.

World Plumbing Day Breakfast Event at MPA Skills

Submitted by MPA Skills

MPA Skills celebrated World Plumbing Day with a free breakfast and trade event at their Maylands Campus on 10 March 2023.

It was a great way to acknowledge the importance of the industry and the hard work that plumbers undertake every day.

Hundreds of apprentices, suppliers and tradesmen turned out to celebrate the day!

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtxxIGLr2og

Radio 6PR World Plumbing Day Interview with CEO Murray Thomas

Submitted by The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA

Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA CEO Murray Thomas was the guest of Radio 6PR Perth for an informative and entertaining session on World Plumbing Day.

The theme of the session was ‘Your best old plumbing story’ and in between amusing phone calls from listeners, Murray promoted the benefits of Australia’s regulated plumbing industry and provided insights into the public health and safety reasons why consumers should use only properly qualified plumbers.

Murray concluded the interview by talking about the rewarding career opportunities for young people who become qualified plumbers.

Thank you to Alder Tapware for providing a generous prize for the winning caller.

The session went for approximately 12 minutes and you can listen to it here.

To listen to other Radio 6PR interviews from recent years, go to this page.

The association also held a WPD celebration at Ascot Racecourse, with over 100 members and guests in attendance.

The following industry partners made the event such a fantastic success.

  • The Apprentice and Traineeship Company
  • Megasealed Greater Perth
  • Rheem
  • Alder
  • Reddifund
  • MPA Insurance
  • MPA Finance

Pictures from the vent can be viewed here:



T-shirts Help Promote World Plumbing Day

Submitted by the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH)

The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) participated in a t-shirt campaign to help promote World Plumbing Day and over 1,300 shirts were sold. Below is a picture of the CIPH team wearing the shirts!

>>United States

IWSH Poster Contest Winners Announced

Sajal Jain, a sixth-grade student at A.P.S. Senior Secondary School in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, is the winner of the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IWSH) Foundation’s 2023 poster contest.

Jain will receive USD $100, and A.P.S. Senior Secondary School will receive USD $1,000. The second-place winner ($50 prize) was Charlie Sterling, a fifth-grader at Kromrey Middle School ($500 prize) in Middleton, Wisconsin; Tasheena Wint, a sixth-grader at Roehampton Primary School in Anchovy, St. James, Jamaica, took home third place. Wint will receive $25, and Roehampton Primary will get $250. Leyla Ozelge, a fifth-grader at Kromrey Middle School, and Shereice Smith, a sixth-grader at Roehampton Primary School, both received honorable mention.

“We are delighted by the creativity expressed by these young students who are seeing the plumbing profession in a different light for the first time as a result of World Plumbing Day,” said IWSH Managing Director Seán Kearney. “Congratulations to the winning entrants, and thanks to all the young artists who sent their work in for this year’s contest.”

More than 65 students from all over the world submitted entries to the contest, which celebrates the 14th annual World Plumbing Day, observed each year on March 11. The annual contest is open to students in grades one through six.

First place: Sajal Jain, a sixth-grade student at A.P.S. Senior Secondary School

Second place: Charlie Sterling, a fifth-grader at Kromrey Middle School

Third place: Tasheena Wint, a sixth-grader at Roehampton Primary School

The IAPMO Group Launches March4Water Month to Recognize Plumbing Systems’ Vital Role in Building Community Resilience, Protecting Public Health

Submitted by The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®)

The IAPMO Group, the world-leading technical experts on safe and effective plumbing systems, announced March4Water Month, a new observance month to raise awareness in the U.S. about how safe and effective plumbing systems keep families and communities healthy and resilient.

Each week in March — which also includes World Plumbing Day (March 11) and World Water Day (March 22) —focused on the four ways water and plumbing impact our lives with solutions to ensure our communities are safeguarded and ready for the future:

  • How Plumbing Protects Public Health + Safety
  • Effective Codes and Standards to Help Disaster Mitigation + Recovery
  • Emerging Technologies for Water Sustainability + Efficiency
  • Safe Clean Water for All: Assuring Affordability + Equity

“More than ever, our communities face new challenges related to water and wastewater systems,” said Dave Viola, The IAPMO Group CEO and World Plumbing Council deputy chair. “Extreme weather events, sea level rise, and the aging infrastructure systems that govern our water supply increase the risks to our families without strong science-based codes and standards.”

March4Water features a range of activities and resources designed to educate and engage the public, including:

  • A Plumbing Resiliency Toolkit for Communities that review best practices for plumbing codes based on local water need. The IAPMO Group supports ease of implementation for advanced water technologies by geographic region with detailed customization options.
  • Five free webinars drawn from the vast technical training library IAPMO supplies to organizations and individuals to train, certify and license the workforce needed to build and maintain a modern hygiene infrastructure.
  • A social media toolkit to advance awareness and understanding.

“Water systems and plumbing standards are largely hometown issues because there are so many variables that impact different regions,” said IAPMO Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Services Officer Tom Palkon. “March4Water Month is about raising awareness at the grassroots level about how best to address local water policy and plumbing standards to keep people safe while making the best use of resources and promoting affordable homes and buildings.”

For more information about March4Water and to access the resources, visit www.uniformcodes.org/march4water/.