WPC members from around the world shared how they celebrated World Plumbing Day in 2024.

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March 11 in China

To celebrate World Plumbing Day 2024, the “2024 World Plumbing Day Urban Water Exchange Conference and Water Supply and Drainage Industry Annual Conference” was held in Chongqing on March 15.

The conference was hosted by the Plumbing Facilities Committee Branch of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, the full member of World Plumbing Council in China. The conference is themed “Green New City, Smart New Water”, and nearly 500 domestic and foreign water industry experts gathered on site to discuss the development and innovation of the water industry in urban renewal.

New products and technologies brought by 17 enterprises including Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd. were also showcased and exchanged on site. It is reported that this event has built a high-quality industry exchange platform for the water supply and drainage industry, showcasing the important role of the water industry in promoting sustainable urban development, and providing new ideas for the future high-quality development of the industry.

At the conference, 18 experts and enterprise representatives from domestic gave speeches, conducting in-depth analysis and discussion on topics such as water-saving control, water supply systems, smart water management, and digital twins.

During the conference, the host also held several standard and codes meetings about valves, smart water and Direct drinking water through pipelines.

The conference was reported by several media through Wechat App as well as live streaming with images and text. The relevant links are as the following.

You may found the video of the conference at the bottom of this link.

Different media’s reports about the conference.


Submitted by the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA)

As a proud full member of the World Plumbing Council, the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) is delighted to share the successful celebrations of World Plumbing Day (WPD) on 11th March 2024 at various Indian Plumbing Association chapters in 26 cities all across the country. The events aimed not only to celebrate the significance of plumbing but also to raise awareness about crucial issues related to water conservation, plumbing practices, and community well-being among the plumbing community and general public.

You would be happy to note it was on this day that Indian plumbing industry stalwarts came together in 1993 to form this premier and exclusive plumbing industry member association. Therefore, all IPA chapters celebrated World Plumbing Day along with IPA Founders Day with great fervor.

Skilling sessions for plumbers were organized across chapters to enhance the professional expertise of plumbers. Covering the latest advancements in plumbing technology, safety practices, and sustainable plumbing solutions, these sessions contributed to the ongoing improvement of the plumbing workforce.

Webinars in regional languages on water conservation, rainwater harvesting and efficient plumbing educated IPA members on these crucial topics.

Along with this, seminars were held at student chapters in engineering and architecture colleges to disseminate knowledge on plumbing service among budding engineers and architects.

Drawing competitions, a highlight of our celebrations, engaged students in creative expressions, focusing on themes such as saving water and highlighting the essential connection between water and plumbing. This instilled a sense of responsibility for sustainable water usage in the younger generation.

In alignment with our commitment to community service, IPA chapters organized blood donation camps during WPD. This humanitarian initiative not only contributed to the noble cause of saving lives but also underscored the plumbing community’s dedication to societal well-being. It was heartening to witness the enthusiastic participation of plumbers and community members alike.

Recognizing the evolving dynamics within the plumbing industry, special sessions were conducted to promote best plumbing practices among women plumbers. These sessions served to empower and educate women in the field, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the plumbing community.

Initiated in early March 2024, these events received overwhelming participation and engagement from across the IPA community and the public. The success of these celebrations not only reaffirms the IPA’s dedication to the goals of the World Plumbing Council but also highlights the critical role of plumbing in addressing global challenges.

In conclusion, we express our sincere gratitude to the World Plumbing Council for providing a platform that unites plumbing associations worldwide. The IPA remains steadfast in its commitment to the values and objectives of the council, and we look forward to continued collaboration in promoting the indispensable role of plumbing in community welfare.

A glimpse of the celebrations is captured in the video below.

World Plumbing Day and IPA Founders Day Celebrations 2024

  • World Plumbing Day 2024 and IPA Founders Day was celebrated across IPA Chapters through a series of virtual and physical events including Webinars, Blood Donation camps, Site visits, Walk-a-Thon, Drawing, Essay and Painting competitions.
  • The celebration started from 1st March and continued till 31st March.

Click here to view a summary and photos (PDF)

Celebrating Creativity and Skill: IPA Essay Writing and Poster Making Competition

The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) student chapter, Faculty of Technology-CEPT University, in association with the IPA Ahmedabad chapter, recently organized an essay-writing and poster-making competition aimed at promoting awareness and innovation in plumbing practices among students. The competition served as a platform for budding talents to showcase their creativity and knowledge in the field of plumbing. With an emphasis on sustainability, efficiency and safety, participants were encouraged to explore various aspects of plumbing and its significance in modern society.

Event Overview:

The competition was open to students of civil engineering and architecture colleges from across India. Participants were tasked with either writing an essay on “Tools for Establishing Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Water Management” or creating a poster on “Plumbing: A crucial component of humanity’s past, present and future.”

Participants were provided with rules to ensure their submissions adhered to the competition’s objectives, focusing on originality, relevance, and clarity of message. The judging criteria encompassed creativity, technical accuracy, presentation, and alignment with the designated theme.

Announcement of Winners:

After meticulous evaluation by a panel of experts, the winners were selected based on their outstanding contributions and merit. The panel of experts comprised of Ar. Manish Thakuriya, NEC Member, IPA Jaipur Chapter; Hon. Secretary, IIID Jaipur Regional Chapter; Convenor, Directory of Architects, IIA Rajasthan Chapter, and Ar. Guruprasad Mantravadi, NEC Member, IPA Goa Chapter; Proprietor, Futuristic Habitat – Turnkey Design Firm since last 23 years

The winners of the competition were:

Essay Writing:

1st Prize – Naman Khamar (CEPT University)

2nd Prize – Ansh Gupta (CEPT University)

Poster Making:

1st Prize – Abhijith M (CEPT University)

2nd prize – Pinak Gohil (LD College of Engineering)

The winners will be felicitated and awarded prizes as tokens of appreciation for their remarkable accomplishments during our next event at Gajjar Hall with GICEA.

Through collaborative efforts and continued initiatives like these, the IPA remains committed to promoting excellence and driving positive change in the field of plumbing, inspiring the next generation of plumbing professionals to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Submitted by Rtn. Balakrishna P. Kamath, Rotary Club Gadag Betgeri Welfare Society (R)

The plumbing materials dealers of Gadag and Plumbers’ Association Gadag Betgeri, in association with Rotary Club Gadag Betgeri, celebrated World Plumbing Day at the Rotary Eye Care Center in Gadag.

The day began with a rally to create awareness about World Plumbing Day, starting from Mahatma Gandhi Circle and ending at Rotary Eye Care Center.

It was followed by a blood donation camp at Rotary Eye Care Center, toward the social activities of the plumbers.

Lastly, they celebrated the day with a grand function in the presence of Dr. C. Solomon, a great doctor of Gadag, members of Consulting Civil Engineers’ Association of Gadag, the plumbers of Gadag, and the general public. We felicitated the dedicated plumbers, Army veterans and talented children of our plumbers and others who have helped, in the celebrations and activities of the plumbers of Gadag. Many people spoke on the importance of plumbing and plumbers. The function concluded with a lunch sponsored by Parryware & Vishal Agencies, the dealer.

The Rotary Club Gadag Betgeri Welfare Society (R) has been celebrating World Plumbing Day, since its inception in 2010.


Submitted by Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of Western Australia

How Plumbing Stories Celebrated World Plumbing Day

The Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of Western Australia invited members to enter a competition to see who could provide the best World Plumbing Day story.

The aim of the competition was to generate excitement about World Plumbing Day and get members involved in reminding people about the important work of the plumbing industry.

Every member who entered was in the running to win a professionally prepared video to promote their plumbing business.

One of the entry requirements was that the submitted story had to say why the member and their team are proud to be in our industry.

The entry form also included the following suggestions for ideas to write about:

  • Why are you the best plumbing and gasfitting team going?
  • What motivates you to get out of bed every day?
  • Tell us about your history or something about your background that you are really proud of.
  • Is there anything interesting or special about your business you might like the world to know about?

In addition to submitting their stories, members were encouraged to upload photos or videos to social media with the hashtag #WorldPlumbingDay.

The judging panel announced its decision on World Plumbing Day. The winner was Snap Plumbing, a company that specialises in plumbing, gas and maintenance work for government bodies, hospitals and aged care facilities.

The competition was made possible by the support of clothing brand Trade R Workwear.

Submitted by MPA Skills

World Plumbing Day 2024 Celebrations in Perth, Western Australia

Galvins Plumbing Supplies, MPA Skills, and Cbus Super hosted a successful World Plumbing Day Tradeshow on 8 March 2024 at Galvins Plumbing Supplies Head Office in Osborne Park, featuring over 30 exhibitors showcasing their products.

More than 150 plumbers and apprentices visited the tradeshow.

The event included a free barbecue breakfast and on-site CBUS coffee van, along with door prizes and giveaways.

We hosted the event to acknowledge and celebrate the vital role plumbers play in providing access to fresh drinking water and sanitation across the world.

Here are a few highlights from the day, along with exciting news on bigger events in the coming months:

Submitted by Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ)

2024 Queensland Plumbing Ambassadors Announced at Inaugural Australian Plumbing and Gas Conference

The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) has brought together five outstanding members of the plumbing, gas, and drainage industry from across Queensland to work together to represent and promote the industry to future apprentices, the general public, and other business owners.

The new Queensland Plumbing Ambassadors were named during the World Plumbing Day celebrations on 7 March 2024 at the inaugural Australian Plumbing and Gas Conference (APGC) 2024: Ben Goding from Ben Goding Plumbing, Reed Mackay from Plumbcall, Russell Fingleton from Converse Group, Dee Davenport from A Bailey Plumbing, and Ralph McMillan from Abrik Pty Ltd.

2024 Queensland Plumbing Ambassadors

Plumbers take care of a very important resource that determines the health and safety of Australians — water – and the industry needs support if we want the trade to continue protecting the health of the nation.

The Queensland Plumbing Ambassadors hope to play an active role in sparking conversations that should inspire positive action in the industry, including raising awareness about plumbing as a professional career, engaging businesses to ensure the future of plumbing by training more apprentices, and educating the community about how the growth of the plumbing community can positively impact public health and safety.

Reed Mackay comes from a generational plumbing family that founded and built Plumbcall. While he has had his own ups and downs in his plumbing journey, he wants to channel these experiences and share his learnings to inspire others. He now oversees apprentices in the Rockhampton branch of Plumbcall and supports the strong focus of the business on proper training.

Russel Fingleton has had a long and successful career in household plumbing maintenance and even mechanical services. Having been in the industry for more than 50 years, he has a lot of experience to draw from to help raise the next generation of plumbers.

Ralph McMillan from Abrik Pty Ltd sees the challenges and opportunities in plumbing – not just in Australia, but in the wider world. After the success of his plumbing business in Cambodia, where he helped train and employ more than 300 plumbers, he has now set up his company in Australia to help disadvantaged kids, support apprentices, and do good work with organisations such as the Jonathan Thurston Foundation and Transition to Work.

As a third-generation plumber, Ben Goding has always been passionate about plumbing work. A testament to his excellence is him winning the Merv Harris Award during his apprenticeship in 2007. Fast forward to today, he is now successfully running his own plumbing business between Bundaberg and Hervey Bay and is keen to help young people understand and appreciate the importance of the trade.

Equally as important as the work on the tools is the support that comes from the administrative and business side of things. Dee Davenport from A Bailey believes that we should start educating kids as early as possible on the importance of plumbing in Australia’s health and well-being and wants to help empower women in the industry.

APGC Celebrates World Plumbing Day

The 2024 Queensland Plumbing Ambassadors were named at the APGC 2024, where hundreds of members, stakeholders, and key decision makers in the plumbing and gas industry came together to join the flow of innovation.

Every year, World Plumbing Day is recognised all over the world on 11 March to celebrate and promote the link between good quality plumbing, health, environmental sustainability and, increasingly, economic prosperity. The international celebration was established by the WPC.

This year, the MPAQ celebrated World Plumbing Day the morning of day two of the conference. It kicked off two eventful days, packed with industry knowledge, insightful conversations, purposeful networking, and a trade exhibition that hopes to push the industry forward into a sustainable and responsible future.

Submitted by Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC)

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) Celebrates World Plumbing Day 2024 at Training Centres across Australia

Every year, The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) celebrates World Plumbing Day to acknowledge the critical role plumbing plays in safeguarding public health and maintaining environmental sustainability. We also mark the occasion to recognise the dedicated efforts of skilled, licensed plumbers who ensure clean water and safe sanitation for our homes, communities, and environment.

In 2024, PICAC celebrated World Plumbing Day with events and activities spanning across our campuses in Victoria, NSW, and QLD.

World Plumbing Day at PICAC Brunswick (Melbourne, Victoria Australia)

Presented by the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre and Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA)

PICAC recently hosted the much-anticipated annual World Plumbing Day Apprentice Skills Contest at its Brunswick Campus, bringing together a talented group of nine plumbing and seven sprinkler-fitting apprentices from Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

A World Plumbing Day tradition spanning over a decade, the PICAC Apprentice Skills Contest gathers 3rd and 4th year plumbing and sprinkler-fitting apprentices from across Australia to compete in a set task for the top prize. Finalists in this competition also get the opportunity to vie for selection to represent Australia at the United Association’s International Apprentice Competition in Ann Arbor, USA.

Alongside the competition, PICAC organised a lively World Plumbing Day lunch for all apprentices, students, and staff at the Brunswick campus.

The Apprentice Skills Contest commenced early on Friday, March 8, 2024, showcasing an impressive display of skill and determination from all participants. PICAC expresses gratitude to all who participated and extends congratulations to the finalists of both competitions. Each contender demonstrated remarkable dedication and expertise, reflecting an exceptionally high standard of performance, which was commended by the judging panel.

PICAC extends thanks to all the judges, marshals, and mentors whose invaluable contributions made the event possible. A special thank you is also extended to the training staff at Master Plumbers and Fire Industry Training for their support of the Apprentice Skills Competition.

PICAC thanks our event sponsor Reece for their support of the Apprenticeship Skills Contest, as well as PICAC World Plumbing Day Platinum Sponsor, Incolink.



  • Third Place: SAM BARNES from Queensland, representing Axis Plumbing
  • Second Place: MICHAEL MACDONALD from Victoria, representing Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria
  • WINNER of the Plumbing Competition: MATT STEWARD from Victoria, representing Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting


  • Third Place: JAMES CALLINAN from New South Wales, representing Velocity Fire Protection
  • Second Place: HARRISON COOMBS from Victoria, representing Precision Fire Protection
  • WINNER of the Sprinkler Fitting Competition: JAMES RIGAS from New South Wales, representing Rethus Fire Protection.

World Plumbing Day at PICAC Beenleigh (Brisbane, QLD Australia)

At the PICAC Beenleigh Campus in Queensland, World Plumbing Day commenced on Monday 11 March with a “Try a Trade” event. Students from ten local high schools were given the unique opportunity to explore the career pathways within plumbing and fire protection through a series of interactive stations, engaging activities, and informative sessions.

Throughout the day, students interacted with industry professionals and enrolled PICAC apprentices, offering them valuable insights into the daily life of an apprentice in both the plumbing and fire protection sectors.

The day continued with a lunch for all PICAC Beenleigh students, accompanied by addresses from industry representatives emphasising the importance of World Plumbing Day and the value of trade careers.

Speakers included Executive Director of the Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD Penny Cornah, State Secretary  of the QLD Plumbers Union Gary O’Halloran, President of the National Fire Industry Association of Australia Andrew Hickman and PICAC QLD Operations Manager June Dunleavy.

World Plumbing Day at PICAC Glenwood (Sydney, NSW Australia)

PICAC celebrated World Plumbing Day at the Glenwood NSW Campus by holding a special luncheon dedicated to celebrating the efforts of our plumbing and sprinkler-fitting apprentices.

PICAC Glenwood also held a sprinkler-fitting apprentice competition for third-year apprentices. The competition began at 9 a.m. and concluded with an awards presentation at 2:30 p.m. Congratulations to all the apprentices who participated in the contest.

>>United Kingdom

Submitted by Worshipful Company of Plumbers

At the Worshipful Company of Plumbers on World Plumbing Day we celebrate a bright and positive future in the UK trade by announcing our Annual Bursary Competition winners.

We received 172 applications this year (a big increase on 2023) from plumbing apprentices supported by their colleges and employers. We are striving to achieve greater EDI in our competition’s processes, and this year two of the six winners identifying as female.

The names and colleges of the 2024 Bursary winners are shown below. They have already been told of their success and will receive £1,000 worth of vouchers to buy plumbing tools:

  1. Daniel from Dundee & Angus Kingsway College
  2. Teresa from Borders College
  3. Sam from St Helens Green Energy Centre
  4. Adnan from Windsor Forest, Langley Campus
  5. Morgan from South Lanarkshire College
  6. Sam from Kendal College

We offer our warm congratulations to all of them!

And we thank Monument Tools for sponsoring the six awards and for their major contribution to the organisation of the Annual Bursary Competition.

I look forward to presenting our winners with their Awards at our Annual Lecture in May or at the Installers’ Show on 27th June. These early-career professionals are the future of our industry, and we wish them great success in their already promising careers.

Read the full letter (PDF)

>>United States

Submitted by IAPMO

The IAPMO Group Again to Highlight Vital Role Plumbing Plays in Building Community Resilience, Protecting Public Health with March4Water Month

Building on the momentum started last year, The IAPMO Group, the world-leading technical experts on safe and effective plumbing systems, again celebrated March4Water, a month-long observance of the myriad ways communities derive better health and resilience through plumbing.

Centered around two global days of recognition — World Plumbing Day (March 11) and World Water Day (March 22), March4Water seeks to bring awareness to challenges and inequities in providing clean drinking water and safe sanitation, as well as the solutions the plumbing industry is producing to address them.

“Droughts, floods, climate change, waterborne illness, and healthcare-acquired infections are just a few of the water threats faced by communities worldwide, from developing nations to the 2.2 million Americans who live without running water or basic plumbing in their homes,” said Dave Viola, The IAPMO Group CEO and World Plumbing Council chair. “Communities need to be plumbing resilient. We encourage the public to learn about how their local water supplies work. It’s easy to take for granted, but plumbing systems are highly advanced and require an expertly trained plumbing profession to keep up with a water-stressed world.”

Each week in March focused on the four pillars of plumbing resilience:

  • Public Health + Safety
  • Disaster Mitigation + Recovery
  • Sustainability + Efficiency
  • Affordability + Equity

March4Water will accomplish this via a robust collection of activities and resources designed to educate and engage about:

  • “Water: from Point A to YOU” — from where does water come and where does it go?
  • Water filtration that removes lead and PFAS from drinking water.
  • A global view on water stresses and workforce development from the World Plumbing Council.
  • WaterSense and Fix-a-Leak Week, two highly effective EPA programs.
  • Best practices for plumbing codes based on local water need in a “Plumbing Resiliency Toolkit for Communities.” The IAPMO Group supports ease of implementation for advanced water technologies by geographic region with detailed customization options.

IAPMO is also meeting with elected officials in Washington, D.C., and nationwide, and invites everyone with water interests to share our education information with social media posts available at

United States President Joe Biden Commemorates World Plumbing Day

It is an honor to join plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, sprinkler fitters, service technicians, and pipeliners everywhere in commemorating World Plumbing Day.

Everyone in America deserves the peace of mind of knowing that when they tum on their faucets, they will have clean water to drink. But for too many, that’s not the case. Countless families, schools, and businesses have their water pumped through a lead pipe, lead valve, or lead fixture, putting those who drink it at risk for brain or kidney damage. That’s wrong, and as a Nation, we have an obligation to do something about it.

My Administration has been working relentlessly to replace every single lead pipe in America. We are investing $15 billion to realize that goal, in addition to $11. 7 billion in general purpose funding from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, which can be used to replace lead pipes across the country. To date, we have awarded over $3.5 billion of this funding to replace hundreds of thousands of lead service lines throughout the country. These new projects are putting plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, sprinkler fitters, service technicians, and pipeliners to work ripping out poisonous lead pipes and creating opportunities for their communities. As we see more shovels in the ground and more people working to ensure that every American can access safe drinking water, it sends an important message: We can do big things in this country when we work together.

I have never been more optimistic about our future than I am today, in part because of the plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, sprinkler fitters, service technicians, and pipeliners who are helping to move our Nation forward. As we celebrate World Plumbing Day, let us thank these women and men for everything they do to uplift our communities.

Presidential Letter (PDF)


Actions Planned for World Plumbing Day – Brazil

12th Hydraulic Installations Workshop Highlights Women’s Participation in the Sector and Celebrates World Plumbing Day

On March 8, the 12th Hydraulic Installations Workshop was held, focusing on water heating systems. The webinar, which gathered over 130 online participants, addressed various aspects of the industry.

A key highlight of the workshop was the showcasing of initiatives by companies and institutions aimed at promoting the involvement of women in the installation sector, aiming to expand female participation in this field. The event also commemorated World Plumbing Day, celebrated March 11.

The workshop featured presentations on relevant topics by industry experts, followed by panel discussions among the speakers. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the panelists by submitting questions during the webinar.

The full workshop proceedings can be accessed via the following link: